Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, The Phillips Collection


Video installation, 10 min loop


In the video, a man and horse travel through an ink-wash landscape. Sometimes quiet and atmospheric, sometimes turbulent and moody, the landscape changes while the man and horse walk on unwaveringly.

In the tradition of Chinese landscape painting, it is typical for the viewer to travel through a mountain range and seasons. In this ink-wash painting-video, the travelers are a pair of silent companions that weather through a landscape that is an abstract reflection of the storms of the mind. The live-action ink-painting process creating unpredictable visual results, against the never altering movements of the travelers, renders a new artistic language of time-based landscape painting.

In the Guggenheim Bilbao installation, digitally projected black ink washed the titanium wall opposite the video screen. In The Phillips Collection installation, the video was projected onto a scroll shaped screen and an audio sound track of wind being blown through lips was added.




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