Paradise Interrupted
An Installation Opera in one act
Direction and visual design by Jennifer Wen Ma
Music composition by Huang Ruo
Performance by Qian Yi and Yi Li
Lincoln Center Global Exchange 2016
Excerpts presented at Alice Tully Hall, New York, NY
September 15, 2016



Lincoln Center sees a world in which art is essential: not a sidebar or a frill, but an engine for innovation and progress.

The Lincoln Center Global Exchange is an invitation-only gathering of world leaders and change agents devoted to exploring the role of art and culture in addressing critical challenges facing our collective future. Through dynamic dialogue and powerful performance, this conference bridges discipliens adn geographies to help move the arts to teh center of international discourse. The goal? To showcase and generate unique and effective arts-based solutions to the world's most pressing issues.

Paradise Interrupted is co-commissioned and co-produced by Spoleto Festival USA, Lincoln Center Festival, and National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts.




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